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Do you supply plants via Mail Order?

Unfortunately Carol and Malcolm are unable to supply any plants or seeds via mail order. They simply do not have enough time! Visitors to the garden are always welcome and the nursery is full of plants which can be bought and enjoyed.

When is the garden open?

The garden and nurseries are open three afternoons a week during the Spring, Summer and Autumn and they attract a steady stream of garden lovers, seeking inspiration and looking for good quality plants, many of which are unique to Eastgrove. See our opening times for more details. Malcolm and Carol are always in attendance.

How long has the garden been established?

Eastgrove Cottage Garden Nursery has been open to the public since 1975.

Who supplies the plants for the garden and nursery?

Carol and Malcolm grow all the plants themselves so that they can make sure they are of the highest quality.

Does the garden have a theme?

The garden with its 17th Century cottage has come to be regarded as a true cottage garden which exemplifies all the nostalgic features of a traditional English garden. Photographs of the cottage and garden have appeared in many "glossy" magazines, in national newspapers and in gardening books.

Visitors envy what they perceive as the self sufficient "good life" as they enjoy the tranquil sense of time standing still. There is no place for stainless steel, glass walls or wooden decking at Eastgrove. It is unashamedly a traditional style garden - cottage and garden and arboretum all blending to hold hands with each other.

How large is the garden?

The Garden is part of a five acre site which is beautifully located in rural Worcestershire. It includes an intensively cultivated flower garden of just under an acre. The Glade and Grove form approximately another acre and the new Meadow Arboretum two further acres. The Meadow is gently undulating, but the Garden, Glade and Grove are very easy for walking, with plenty of seats. Paths are paved or mown grass, there are no steps.

Does Eastgrove have any 'unusual' plants?

Yes, but we do favour the old favourites which have been tried and tested also. Carol is the inspired gardener who has introduced her own plant and colour combinations which have been so widely acclaimed.

Each year new projects are undertaken and new planting schemes introduced. It is the type of garden that is always full of colour and interest and needs to be visited several times each year as the seasons change.

Are Carol and Malcolm on hand to provide advice?

Both Carol and Malcolm are to hand when visitors arrive and they freely dispense advice and anecdotes with infectious enthusiasm and humour.

Unfortunately, Malcolm and Carol are unable to provide advice over the internet, but a telephone enquiry after dark is always well received.

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