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Support the RNLI at Eastgrove

Eastgrove Cottage Garden welcomes the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to the garden on the Queen's birthday, 17th June 2006. The garden will be open between 2pm and 5pm where a 'D' Class lifeboat will be on display. RNLI souvenirs, Tea and Malcolm's delicious ice cream will also be available. You can come and enjoy the new 2 acre aboretum which will be at its peak! Admission is £4 for Adults and free for children. All admission fees will be donated to the RNLI. Malcolm and Carol invite you to come and support this unique voluntary service.

Roy Joins Eastgrove's 30th Birthday Party

Our 30th anniversary celebration on July 12th 2005 was as special as we hoped. Roy Lancaster was on sparkling form as he guided us all around the garden. The sun shone and shone as he enriched his enthusiastic enjoyment of his favourite plants with amusing anecdotes about their origins and habits. A wonderful day enjoyed by everyone.

Carol and Malcolm with Roy Lancaster

Royal Horticultural Society Partnership Garden

We are privileged to have been invited to become a Royal Horticultural Society Partnership Garden.

This means that throughout the season Royal Horticultural Society members are entitled to free admission, and we hope that they will bring their friends and family with them.

In 2005 Eastgrove was featured in the following publications:

Country Life published an excellent article in the issue of October 6th.

Jerry Harpur's book published Autumn 2005 "Gardens in Perspective" picturing 190 of the world's most beautiful innovative and influential gardens, includes Eastgrove Cottage Garden.

In 2005 much effort went into our special day with Roy Lancaster to celebrate 30 years open to the public. Thirty folk bought tickets for the day which was a huge success.

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